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Internet Explorer (SP2) – Remote File Download Information Bar Bypass

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While trying to download a file Microsoft Internet Explorer
the user gets the information bar. The information bar
mechanism blocks/catches all references to download-able files,
even through javascripts and HTML Event properties.
However Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (SP2) DOES NOT CATCH
“body” tag with the HTML “onclick” event which dynamically
created “iframe” tags. For a good, more complicated dynamic
object creation i used the “createElement” function.
This way an attacker can make a user download a file with him just
clicking anywhere on the page (not on an hyperlink).

너무 오래전 일이라서 IE의 파일 다운로드가 심각한 문제가 되던 상황이
분명히 있었는데 기억이 안나는군요.. 그 때의 문제랑 결합시키면
나이스(?)한 크래킹이 될거같네요.


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