[root@dke ~]# yum

Usage: yum [options] < update | install | info | remove | list | clean | provides | search | check-update | groupinstall | groupupdate | grouplist | groupinfo | groupremove | generate-rss | makecache | localinstall >

-c [config file] – specify the config file to use
-e [error level] – set the error logging level
-d [debug level] – set the debugging level
-y – answer yes to all questions
-R [time in minutes] – set the max amount of time to randomly run in
-C run from cache only – do not update the cache
–installroot=[path] – set the install root (default ‘/’)
–version – output the version of yum
–rss-filename=[path/filename] – set the filename to generate rss to
–exclude=package to exclude
–disablerepo=repository id to disable (overrides config file)
–enablerepo=repository id to enable (overrides config file)

-h, –help – this screen

[root@dke ~]#

안써보셨다면 꼭 써보시길.. 무지 편함.
아파치 새로 컴파일할때 rpm -qa | grep httpd 해서 아파치 rpm 찾고
yum remove httpd.rpm 으로 지우면 httpd에 관련된 mod_xxx.rpm도
한번에 날려줍니다.

정말 편함….
예전엔 접속도 잘 안되고 정말 짜증나던 up2date 보다 나은듯.



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