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title 속성


Link titles
The title attribute may be set for both A and LINK to add information about the nature of a link. This information may be spoken by a user agent, rendered as a tool tip, cause a change in cursor image, etc.

Thus, we may augment a previous example by supplying a title for each link:

…some text…
<P>You’ll find a lot more in <A href=”chapter2.html”
title=”Go to chapter two”>chapter two</A>.
<A href=”./chapter2.html”
title=”Get chapter two.”>chapter two</A>.
See also this <A href=”../images/forest.gif”
title=”GIF image of enchanted forest”>map of
the enchanted forest.</A>



img 태그의 alt 속성과 같은 역할을 합니다. 하이퍼 링크에 대한 설명을 툴팁 처럼 보이게 하는 역할.


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