Installing Rattle on OSX

If you have trouble because of RGtk2 (e.g., it’s saying you don’t have gtk2.8.0 or higher while you have one already). If so, follow this procedure.

(Note: Don’t use macports! It won’t work with RGtk2 properly.)

Instead, install R from This is pretty much important. Don’t install R from macports.
Install R from
Install gtk2 from

Now, install RGtk2 should work fine.

> install.packages("RGtk2")
> install.packages("rattle")

Make sure that your LANG is English. Otherwise, fonts in the rattle will look broken. Set this in your ~/.profile:

export LANG="en_US.UTF-8"

In R,

> library(rattle)
> rattle()

Now it’s all set!

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