Converting jpg to eps

A bothersome procedure:
(1) Print jpg to Generic Postsciprt Printer using the postscript driver from Adobe.
(2) Change the file extension of printed file from ‘prn’ to ‘ps’.
(3) Convert ps to eps using ImageMagic.
(4) At this moment, your eps file maybe be rotated 90 degrees. So, put your images using [angle=-90] in Latex.

I don’t know easier way than this.

Of course, there is an eps to ps converter in Ghostscript and it
can be lanuchned from GhostView. Unfortunately, however, it fails
in conversion most of time. (Makes me crazy.)

Maybe the latex is the world’s most annoying tool in dealing with
image files.

To those who argue that ImageMagic itself can convert jpg to eps:
Yes, you’re right. But the quality of image file become considerably
low. You must find out what I mean if you print your pdf file.

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