Bruce Eckel Talk: Java Issues & Directions

Video (Real player file format) of Bruce Eckel, who is the author of well-known book, titled Thinking in JAVA, and also was in the committee of C++, tutoring on JAVA’s boundary and future.

Interestingly, he is accustomed to C++, JAVA, Prolog, Ruby, and Python and also to .NET environment.

Total running time is 2:16 long, but it worth spending time cuz he explains the current position of JAVA very well. For example, applet, checked exception, rich client environment (In this part, he elucidate the position of XAML which is pronounced as 제멀 of Microsoft and MXML of Macromedia), elephant like specification of J2EE 3.0, battle around the spec, and etc.

Frankly, I did not figure out why XAML was actually needed because .NET platform already have rich client environment (If you click a hyperlink, WindowForm based application pop-up automatically. Nice feature.). But I was wrong. XAML is a standard of Microsoft for solving cross-platform rich client problems. That is a *general* solution for a specific problem. (MS=genius, I think.) On the contrary, Open Desktop of SUN is not seemed to be able to succeed. In lots of linux platform, next version of open desktop just can’t be installed. (i.e., open desktop sucks.)


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