The reason why javastudy network is not avilable

Javastudy network administrators have been very busy due to lots of exceptions, database disconnection, connection failure between servlet container and http sever, and occasional disconnection during using ftp.

While we were investigating the site, we have found suspicious evidences of incursion. Currently, I don’t know what logs are related to hacking, not to mention of information about who is the attacker.

Thanks to an security expert in our team, we are reinstalling the entire system, patching the security vulneralities, and closing the possible attack routes. Though my hobby is to attack javastudy and j2eestudy (I’m doing this to find out possible application bugs), I could not prepare the possible incursion using OS vulneralities.

In fact there are lots of users who try to ftp to our site and kicked off because of invalid userid & password. In the future, I wanna make a counter attack program which uses something like SYN flooding to whom try to get in to our system without valid authentication. (I hope to.)

People do not understand administrators have to spend too much time to maintain such a heavily loaded system. When highly loaded, hundreds of thousands of pages are hit per day. Even million page hit. To make things going well, I even had to tune the log buffer of database system. (I never have imagined such a tuning will be really needed.) What makes things more worse is that nobody have enough time. We have to earn money for our own living. We have to study for our future. Operating a non-commercial site for novice level programmer, in my case, is not important to me. I already have tried to dispense my knowledge to beginners to pay back my own debt – I have learned lots of things from the foregoers in this field. I think I have to quit in the near future. I’m quite finished my duty.

In these days, there are few people who readily share his or her knowledge with other people. There are even students who just say ‘Please solve this problem. I have submit h/w until tomorrow.’ Those people makes me disappointed. (Well, it’s not a bad situtation if you just wanna have coffee break with girls who just want you to do their homework instead of themselves.)

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