Javascript Design Patterns

Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners by Addy Osmani is a minibook published online.

Let me quote ‘Revealing Module Pattern’ code snippet which I find very neat.

 The idea here is that you have private methods
 which you want to expose as public methods.

 What are are doing below is effectively defining
 a self-executing function and immediately returning
 the object.
 var myRevealingModule = (function(){

    var name = 'John Smith';
    var age = 40;

    function updatePerson(){
      name = 'John Smith Updated';
    function setPerson () {
       name = 'John Smith Set';
    function getPerson () {
       return name;
    return {
        set: setPerson,
        get: getPerson

// Sample usage:

Compare it with module pattern.

var myNamespace = (function(){
	var myPrivateVar = 0;
		var myPrivateMethod = function(someText){
	return {
		myPublicVar: "foo",	
		myPublicFunction: function(bar){

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