Coders at Work

Joel on the Software의 논란의 중심에 있는 글 Duct tape programmer를 읽으면서 읽어봐야겠군이라고 생각만하고 있다가, Coding Horror 에서 극찬의 글을 보고 결국은 사지 않을 수 없었던 책, Coders at Work.

프로그래밍 팁에는 이제 서서히 질렸고, 새로이 나타나는 프레임워크도 심드렁하고, programming.reddit.com에는 온통 헤스켈이나 Erlang, D 아니면 상위에 랭크되지 않는다는 현실로 인해 슬프고, 괜찮은 명품 블로그들이 모두 잠수타버린다는 사실에 ‘아, 이제 읽을만한 글이란 정녕 없는 것인가’라고 탄식하던 중 찾아낸 책.

아직 1장만 읽던 중이지만 인상적인 문구 몇개를 남기며 시간과 여력이 되시는 분들은 사서보기를 강추.

넷스케이프를 6개월만에 개발하던 일화 중.

Because everyone was so sure they were right, we fought constantly but it allowed us to communicate fast. Someone would lean over your cubicle and say, “What the fuck did you checkin;that’s completely bullshit-you can’t do it that way. You’re an idiot.” And you’d say, “Fuck off!” and go look at it and fix it and check it in. (Coders At Work, Peter Seibel, Apress)

overengineering을 지양해야한다는 부분 중.

If you spend the time to build the perfect framework that’s going to do what you want and that’s going to carry you from release 1.0 through release 5.0 and everything’s going to be great; well guess what: release 1.0 is going to take you three years to ship and your competitor is going to ship their 1.0 in six months and now you’re out. (Coders At Work, Peter Seibel, Apress)

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