Samsung NC10 Ubuntu Touch pad issue

I believe NC10 is the one of the best netbook in the world, but it has a serious problem of touch pad sensitivity. Y axis is much more sensitive than X axis, so when you draw a circle, you actually see ellipsis. And finally I found the answer.

Let me summarize the steps if you’re lazy as much as me.
1) Add
deb jaunty main
to your apt sources. Replace jaunty with intrepid if you use it.
2) sudo apt-get install voria-ppa-keyring && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade -y
3) sudo reboot

And that’s it!

Note that you should revert xorg.conf change you’ve made if you did. Author of the repository says it may conflicts with the solution.

Now I’m really happy.. Finally my nc10 runs ubuntu gracefully! Ha ha.

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