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Samsung NC10 Ubuntu Touch pad issue


I believe NC10 is the one of the best netbook in the world, but it has a serious problem of touch pad sensitivity. Y axis is much more sensitive than X axis, so when you draw a circle, you actually see ellipsis. And finally I found the answer.

Let me summarize the steps if you’re lazy as much as me.
1) Add
deb jaunty main
to your apt sources. Replace jaunty with intrepid if you use it.
2) sudo apt-get install voria-ppa-keyring && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade -y
3) sudo reboot

And that’s it!

Note that you should revert xorg.conf change you’ve made if you did. Author of the repository says it may conflicts with the solution.

Now I’m really happy.. Finally my nc10 runs ubuntu gracefully! Ha ha.


5 responses to “Samsung NC10 Ubuntu Touch pad issue”

  1. nichoel Avatar

    this isnt can u dumb this down

  2. MKSeo Avatar

    Nicheol, can you? Even nc10 ubuntu wiki doesn’t have this info, so why don’t you spend your time on providing more useful info for me and others instead of writing not so informative one line comment?

  3. dave wilkie Avatar
    dave wilkie

    Hi Great to find this info. I’m trying to move away from using windows. When I got my new NC10 I figured it’d be a good time to dump Microsoft for good.

    Unfortunately as this is my first foray in to the world of Linux (I still don’t know how to pronounce itQ) I’m struggling a bit.

    Could you give a bit more info about how to actually make the changes you’ve outlined above?

    How do I add to my apt sources?

    What is Jauntie and Intrepid?

    Please don’t flame me. I’d appreciate some help.

  4. dave wilkie Avatar
    dave wilkie

    Ok I worked out how to do it myself

    In your Ubuntu desktop type thing click on System

    Then click on Administrator

    Then click on Software Sources

    Then go to Other Software type

    Then click on Add and then in the dialog box (copy and paste)

    deb jaunty main

    Then can’t remember if it updates automaticaly or whether you need to click around a bit for something to update but you then get the touchpad driver downloaded. (you must have a working t’internet connection for it to happen)

    and then Shazamm! you get your touchpad working properly (after you’ve restarted the whole system – you know turn it off turn it on again kind of thing)

    Although mine still needs a bit of tweeking it seems to be good now!

    Balls to Microsoft!

  5. mkseo Avatar

    Hi Dave, congrats on your success.

    NC10 is really a nice netbook. Have a great time!

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