Human Computation

Google TechTalks July 26, 2006

The talk given at Google on Human Computation. Luis von Ahn from CMU discuss how to encourage people to participate in Human Computation and gain fun and profit from them. He speaks very fast but very clearly and concisely, and I like that.

I myself played a couple of games at the sites he built, and found that it is actually very fun to be part of human computation. Ah, I really want to write a paper like his.

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  1. Dotty wrote:

    This is really awesome. I like the idea of implmenting a purpose-driven game with such clarity in design. The general algorithm for motivating people to become part of the project is purely exciting.

    Posted 29 Sep 2006 at 2:50 am
  2. MKSeo wrote:

    @Dotty: Agreed. Actually, this is one of the popular vids at After I had seen this vid, I could understood what one has to study when s/he pursues ph.d. degree. Namely, do what we need that nobody didn’t. I also tried the game, and played it more than five hours straight. It was really a fun game.

    Posted 29 Sep 2006 at 3:06 am

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  1. From dotty's EXNiA - Technology & Design Dream Maker on 29 Sep 2006 at 2:52 am

    Human Computation관련 구글 tech talk

    정말 재밌다. 사람을 이용하여 전산학적으로 풀기 어려운 문제들을 해결하는데, 거기에 게임의 요소를 도입하는 것. Very smart. Brilliant! 인터넷의 수 많은 이미지에 어떻게 하면 정확한 태그를 …

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