6 reasons why I don’t like kldp renewal

I hate renewed kldp design because of the following:

(1) Emphasize blogging while intentionally minimizing forum activities. This can be corroborated from the fact that only few newly added forum articles are seen in the index page while non-important (as to me at the very least) blog postings are shown by default.

(2) It does not fit 1024×768 while lots of people are using it. Somebody might say, “Why don’t you fix it, then?” I sneer such a guy. To the best of my knowledge, commercial website or not, appropriately displaying index page is a part of administrator’s job.

(3) Completely useless category. There is a tag cloud in the left panel, but it’s completely useless. Just mimicked what other’s doing without giving it a second thought.

(4) No search. Lame.

(5) It takes a lot of time if I click ‘new articles’ to view forum. This is due to *no tuning*, obviously.

(6) DIY attitude. People have contributed a lot by posting articles, questions and answers. But, the administrators want them to do more, while they have renewed presumably based on their sole decision.

I know that this article might hurt someone’s feeling, so I wrote this in English. No trackback, commens must be written in English. Comments in Korean will be deleted without notice.

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