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As of today, I proudly announce, a meta blog for Korean rubyists, whose primary goal is to provide useful documents and information to Korean ruby programmers. automatically aggregates RSS from Korean bloggers who post articles regarding ruby. In addition, for people who do not have his or her own blog, issues accounts needed for posting.

We welcome anyone who have fired ‘print “hello world” in irb and is interested in ruby as a promising language for the next era.

Come and see
We hope you enjoy.

내일쯤이면 DNS도 잡힐거 같고 그러면 곧 올릴 글입니다.
누구든지 손봐주시면 무척 감사^^
아무도 손 안봐주시면 저 혼자 내일 한번 더 읽어보고 바로 올립니다;;

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