RubyGem post installation

Post-install — Setting Up the RubyGems Environment

메뉴얼을 설렁설렁 읽어서 이런게 있는지도 모르고 lazy.rb 도 못깔고 헤멨던;;

Now that you have RubyGems installed, you should be ready to run applications using gems, right?

Well, almost.

You have one more decision to make: How to let Ruby programs know to use the gems repository.

You see, because the of versioned nature of the gems repository, RubyGems doesn’t store the library files directly in standard library search path. It adds the necessary gem packages to the library seach path as needed at run time.

This means that RubyGems must be loaded before any gem libraries are accessable.

(1) profile에 export RUBYOPT=rubygems 를 추가하거나
(2) ruby -rubygems my_program_that_uses_gems 와 같이 실행하거나
(3) *.rb에서 require ‘rubygems’를 하고 시작해야하는군요..

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