Persistence Layer

According to, JDOCentral has announed that Sun Microsystems has joined the JDO site as a Charter Member. You can see the article here. JDOCentral is here.

If you want to compare JDO with CMP, visit here.

I’ve read JDO specification when they published the draft, and I thought it would be a great persistence layer. However, at that time, JDO had little implementation.

On November, JDO started version 2.0 and this means that JDO 1.0 is at freezed level. What makes me thrilled is SolarMetric‘s JDO 2.0 preview implementation release.

I think studying JDO right now is a good choice based on the industrial activities of SUN, JDOCenter, and As you know CMP is bad in lots of situations and I hope that JDO will replace CMP.

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