StarUML – The Open Source UML/MDA Platform

StarUML – The Open Source UML/MDA Platform

What is StarUML?
StarUML is an open source project to develop fast, flexible, extensible, featureful, and freely-available UML/MDA platform running on Win32 platform. The goal of the StarUML project is to build a software modeling tool and also platform that is a compelling replacement of commercial modeling tools such as Rational Rose, Together and so on.

Key Features
UML 2.0 diagrams
Various language support. (Java, C++, C# modules)
Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) generation based on customizable template.
Customizable code generation.
Support MDA technology. (UML profiles and customizable diagrams)
Diagram extensibility. (Define your own type of diagram beyond the UML)
High compatibility. (Rose, XMI modules)

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Comments 4

  1. Andreas wrote:

    Sounds very promising. I try to keep track of the project and wish you good luck.

    Posted 23 Nov 2005 at 5:47 am
  2. MKSeo wrote:

    Hi Andreas, thank you for the comment. I’ve visited your website, and saw your product that plugs into RationalRose. I appreciate the idea of OCL which supports constraints in a more natural way.

    Still, if you do not mind, I’d like to mention that GUI of RationalRose just sucks. I mean it. Handling objects in the panel, and setting properties are not intuitive at all. What do you say to supporting eclipse UML tools? just my one penny.

    Posted 24 Nov 2005 at 12:24 am
  3. Andreas wrote:

    Hi MKSeo,

    sorry for the late answer.
    Yes, Rose is really dated and cannot compete wit current UML tools. We are working on a new product that will be cross platform in the sense that it is based on XMI.
    For various reasons, it will be based on the .NET platform.

    Best regards,

    Posted 30 Dec 2005 at 5:08 am
  4. MKSeo wrote:

    Andreas, thank you for the reply. I’ll cross my fingers for you and hope you to succeed in this highly competitive area.

    Posted 02 Jan 2006 at 4:12 am

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