Make non-leaf classes abstract

Item 33. Make non-leaf classes abstract

The above link is EC++ Item 33. (or MEC++. Sorry, can’t remember.)

How can we say that this is a contemporary language? Can’t believe that people have put up with all these complex stuffs. It’s surprising that even implementing operator = is almost impossible without in-depth knowledge in C++.

I admit that dealing real stuffs in OO hierarchy is not easy in other languages, too. But, it’s completely different. For example, in one of the famous book Effective JAVA, OO hierarchy and flexibility/security issues are widely covered w.r.t. object serialization. But, that’s not even mentioned in EC++/MEC++ series. I guess the reason is that the only managing objects in memory space is not easy, so the author didn’t have enough time to spare for dealing serialization issues.

Anyway, I belive only paucity of my friends understand and can code operator ‘=’ in OO hierarchy using C++ language. I’m not sure whether I should continue to study C++ anymore. I’m just reading articles/books for the future that happens to want me to code in C++. As you know, even operating systems like windows 2k and 2003 are completely written in C++ and lots of commerical products are also written in that shabby language. That fact tempts me to study the language. (and win32 APIs also.)

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